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Brady Quinn Shares his NFL Draft Experience & Talks Prospect QBs

Doug Gottlieb, filling in for Colin Cowherd brings on, former NFL Quarterback, Brady Quinn. Quinn shares his experience in the NFL Draft process and how several voices were telling him different information than what actually transpired. Quinn expresses how he wishes, in hindsight, he was a bit more skeptical.

"At that moment it's almost like you're kind of searching for the truth and the only thing that ultimately matters is who decides to pick you."

Even though he was ultimately selected by the Cleveland Browns, at the time he was talking to the Baltimore Ravens who were getting ready to move up to get him at pick 23

"Honestly, it's a rollercoaster of emotions because it's such a long period of building up to it that it's unlike anything else."

Quinn also offers a great amount of insight on a Cleveland Browns' scenario Doug provides and breaks down the upcoming NFL Prospect quarterbacks in the Audio below.

Brady Quinn on The Herd

Jonas Knox & Former Notre Dame QB & 1ST Round Pick Brady Quinn

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