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End Of An Era

We Are Seeing The End Of An Era!

Regardless of how the season ends, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be looking to fill a massive hole this offseason. LeBron James did put 45 points in the Cavs' Game 7 victory over the Indiana Pacers but it wasn't easy for him. James was shown nursing a cramp throughout the game and he didn't shy away from the toll his body has taken when he spoke to the media after the game.

"I'm burnt right now. "I’m not thinking about Toronto right now until tomorrow. I’m ready to go home. Can we? I’m tired. I want to go home."

LeBron will need to rest up quick because the Cavaliers will visit the Raptors in Toronto on Tuesday to begin their seven-game second round series. But while the Raptors will be looking to finally get over the hump, LeBron James will be giving Cleveland everything he has to make one final championship run.

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