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Brad Stevens Already on the Fast Track to Becoming an All-time Great

“He’s 41 years old and already took BUTLER to back-to-back title games. If Brad Stevens wants to coach in the NBA the next 20 years, I think he could build an incredible legacy that is up there with Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, and Gregg Popovich.”

With his Celtics seemingly positioned to become an NBA dynasty in what was an extremely short rebuild compared to many other slowly blossoming playoff contenders, Clay Travis thinks Brad Stevens has to take an incredible amount of credit as a man with the plan in Boston.

Travis called Stevens a magician, with his Celtics able to blow out the heavily favored Sixers in Game 1 of the East Semis without arguably their three best players in Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward, and Jaylen Brown, and said the Celtics will be starting a dynasty next season in the East, even if LeBron James went to Philadelphia.

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Brad Stevens Already on the Fasttrack to Becoming an All-time Great