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Russell Westbrook Acted Like a 12-Year-Old Spoiled Brat

“Russell Westbrook is a brat and he’s a brat because of why all kids who are brats are brats – They’re spoiled, and nobody tells them no – Westbrook acts this way because the GM Sam Presti and Billy Donovan spoil him.” 

 – Colin Cowherd

Listen to Colin Cowherd call out Russell Westbrook for his antics after last Friday’s season-ending Game 6 loss in Utah in the West quarters, in which cameras caught Westbrook snap at a fan who appeared to be filming a cell phone video of the angry Thunder star moments after Oklahoma City was eliminated by the Jazz.

Cowherd said it summed up the usual brat antics of Westbrook and brought up the fact that recent reports out of Utah are completely refuting Westbrook’s own account of fans screaming obscenities at the Thunder star, causing the retaliatory reaction.

Cowherd says Westbrook needs to simply ‘grow up’.

Listen to the full audio below.

Russell Westbrook is Acting Like a 12-Year-Old Spoiled Brat