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Jason Whitlock Talks Raptors Gag, Draymond/Barkley Feud, and Kanye

FS1's 'Speak For Yourself' star Jason Whitlock joined Outkick the Coverage on Wednesday to talk a wide array of sports, pop culture, and political topics with Clay Travis. 

Highlighted in the interview was Whitlock defending Kanye West's offbeat Pro-Trump Tweets that have come under fire recently, his indignation with people who believe NBA ratings will deteriorate when LeBron retires, and the imposing threat of the 'thought police' that continues to slowly creep into our society on behalf of the left-wing media.

Listen below to the full interview with each segment listed chronologically.

0:10: Are you buying into the Raptors coming back after their Game 1 loss?

1:10: Do you want to see another Warriors vs. Cavs Finals?

2:00: Do the NBA ratings entirely depend on LeBron?

4:34: Thoughts on the bizarre Draymond Green vs. Charles Barkley feud?

7:21: What do you think of rumors of the Patriots trading up to #2 to draft Baker Mayfield?

10:20: What’s the deal with Kanye’s Twitter activity??

14:01: Why are the thoughts of individuals so policed and reprimanded on social media?

16:50: Comparison between Kaepernick being celebrated and Kanye being villainized.

19:47: How are you liking ‘Billions’ and what’s your beef with ‘Westworld’?

Jason Whitlock Talks Raptors Gag, Draymond/Barkley Feud, and Kanye