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Doug Gottlieb: NCAA Athletes Are NOT Slaves

NCAA Athletes Are NOT Slaves

Doug Gottlieb has had enough of people comparing student-athletes to slaves. Former Duke player, Wendell Carter Jr.'s mother (Kylia Carter) spoke out at the Knight Commission On Intercollegiate Athletics saying that the two systems that the NCAA emulates on its student-athletes are jail and slavery in terms of the income gap between athletes and those in charge.

Gottlieb in the audio above says:

"PLEASE DON’T SAY THIS. It's offensive, it's bothersome, it's inaccurate, and the idea that basketball players get nothing -- dude, your kid was on campus for 6 months."

"NCAA Scholarship Athletes Receive:

  • *Better coaching
  • *Better education
  • *Better food
  • *Better gear
  • *Better dorms
  • *Better academic help/tutoring
  • *Better job résumé 

“IT IS A PAYMENT, all tax-free."

Gottlieb also stresses not only is it a terribly inapt comparison, but it is also insulting to all those who were actually slaves.  And besides, Doug wonders how is it possible that anyone could think a college education is not fair compensation for simply being a talented player. Listen to the rant above