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Jay Glazer on Chuck Liddell's Comeback & Wiz Khalifa doing MMA

TMZ spoke with our guy, Jay Glazer to talk a bit about what's going on with Chuck Liddell lately. Jay Glazer said the following regarding Liddell:

"He's training just about every day; he's looking great man! Everything Chuck does hurts."  

About five days ago Liddell posted this on his Instagram.

Several reports are saying that contracts are being finalized for Chuck Liddell to return to MMA but not in the UFC. Reports also say UFC president, Dana White is not thrilled with Liddell's choice of organization to make his big return. 

In other news, as Jay Glazer said in the video above, Rapper Wiz Khalifa could have a future in MMA. 

Check out the training vid below!