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Shaq Is Right, But Barkley Doesn't Need A Ring to Have an Opinion

Jonas and Looney on Chuck and Shaq

Note: Jonas Knox filled in for JT the Brick.

The Toronto Raptors fell apart nastily against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and this failure certainly goes far beyond just basketball. In Charles Barkley's opinion, things that happened in that game was disrespectful to DeMar DeRozan, and he feels that Dwane Casey needs to repair that relationship. Shaquille O'Neal completely disagrees.  

Jonas Knox & Tomm Looney share their thoughts on the matter and side with Shaq thinking NBA players are babied too much in this day and age. However, Knox and Looney don't agree with Shaq's assertion that Charles Barkley opinion holds no weight because he never won an NBA title. Listen above!