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How is Kyrie Feeling Right Now?

Last summer, Kyrie Irving let it be known that he wanted to be traded from Cleveland (and out of LeBron's shadow) so that he could take on a leading-man role somewhere else.

 Kyrie ended up getting dealt to Boston, and proved to be more than capable of shouldering the load, leading the Celtics to a top-2 seed in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, after he went down with a season-ending knee injury late in the season, many pundits assumed that the Celtics would falter in the playoffs without him. 

We. Were. Wrong. 

Not only are the Celtics staying afloat without Kyrie, as of this writing they're up 1-0 over the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals. With the Celtics enjoying so much success in these playoffs without him, would you be surprised if you found out that Kyrie Irving started to feel unneeded? 

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Odd Couple: How is Kyrie feeling?