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When Social Justice Warriors Attack

"This is comical and sad... Of course his original Tweet was about race. To run and hide from it speaks to what a cowardly act that is." – Jason Whitlock.

"If a black no. 1 draft pick tweeted 'Thor is the worst Marvel movie', 'Dave Matthews Band is trash', and 'Donald Trump is a clown' no one even blinks and certainly nobody calls him racist." – Clay Travis.

"Money is being paid to stir division. Who is paying for this?? All they’re doing all day is hunting for something to complain about and it's all pointing to this social justice warrior movement." – Jason Whitlock.

“Bosa also said that Stranger Things was overrated. He has a lot of pop culture opinions. But when you pick THOSE pop culture opinions and put them all together for your audience and serve them up on a platter you’re being so transparent.” – Clay Travis.

Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock took exception to an NFL columnist who recently brought to light a collection of dated tweets made by star Ohio State defensive end, Nick Bosa, on his personal twitter account.

Bosa, who is 20 years old and the younger brother of Los Angeles Chargers DE Joey Bosa, is considered by some to be the top college football prospect for next year's NFL Draft.

Although the writer claims he didn’t intend to label Bosa’s tweets as racist, Whitlock and Travis think that was a blatant lie, and that it’s incredibly absurd to argue anything but that, considering the writer, a notable social commentator on topics with racial undertones, conveniently highlighted three tweets made by Bosa over a three year period even when Bosa was just a teenager. 

Of the three highlighted tweets, one said Beyonce’s music was ‘trash’ in April 2016, another called Colin Kaepernick a 'clown' in August 2016, and the final one anointed Black Panther the worst Marvel movie ever in May 2018. The columnist then associated the opinions of Bosa with ones of a Trump supporter.

Listen to the full audio below.

When Social Justice Warriors Attack