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Jason McIntyre's Top 10 Players in the NBA

Jason McIntyre unveils the definitive list of the Top 10 Players in the NBA. Did your favorite player make the cut? Who got snubbed? Who is overrated? Take a listen to the audio clip below and decide for yourself!

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TBL: Top 10 Players in the NBA

10. Russell Westbrook - Averaged triple double 2 years in a row. (also ball hog and stat padder)

9. Jimmy Butler - Does it all. Poor man's Kawhi Leonard.

8. Ben Simmons - The Best rookie in the NBA since Magic Johnson.

7. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Can play all five positions and 5th in player efficiency.

6. James Harden - Good offensive player and makes everybody better.

5. Kawhi Leonard - Best two-way player in the NBA.

4. Stephen Curry - Best shooter in the NBA.

3. Anthony Davis - A cut above Steph Curry.

2. LeBron James - Amazing at 33 years old.

1. Kevin Durant

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