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Send All Apologies To Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox

"Fake news. That was irrelevant." 

That was how Jim Harbaugh responded when asked about a potential lifetime contract to coach Michigan's football program. Our very own Brady Quinn was the one who sent Michigan and the football community into a tail spin with the words, "“I talked to someone who’s kind of an insider within that program and we had a long, drawn-out conversation. What he told me was, they’re working on a lifetime contract." 

Now, nearly six months after Brady and Jonas originally brought up the conversation, Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel has said he "would love to see" Harbaugh retire from coaching as the HC of the Wolverines. Doesn't seem so fake now, right?  

If Coach Harbaugh is reading this, or anyone who crushed Brady, Jonas and the show for that matter, feel free to address any apology letters to Knox and Quinn at Fox Sports Radio. 

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Send All Apologies To Brady Quinn and Jonas Knox