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Stop Acting Like the NFL is Trying to Silence Their Players

“The NBA has a rule that EVERY player stand for the National Anthem. There has been ZERO DISCUSSION and ZERO CONTROVERSY about it because, to their credit, the NBA players have said ‘Our league doesn’t need the controversy of a player kneeling during the Anthem.’” -- Clay Travis

Clay Travis had former NFL player and sports analyst Geoff Schwartz on Outkick the Coverage discussing the NFL’s new controversial policy requiring players either stay in the locker room during the National Anthem or stand for the singing of the song if they choose to remain on the field.

Despite the massive fallout that the rule change has spurred, ones usually bred out of the belief that the league is trying to put a muzzle over the mouths of their players, Travis wanted to remind you of the NBA literally having an identical rule that they’ve been enforcing for over two decades.

So, if the country’s most progressive league, the NBA, can have such an ‘intolerant’ rule, as some have called it in the NFL, and have pro basketball still be lauded for the stances of its members off the court (I.e. Steve Kerr/Greg Popovich vs. Donald Trump, LeBron James vs. Laura Ingraham) then why can’t the NFL institute the same policy for on-field expectations while still giving players the green light to spearhead their beliefs off of the field?

Travis says despite the movements of NBA and NFL players closely mirroring one another, the reason the backlash has only prominently been directed towards the NFL players is simple:

“The average fan doesn’t begrudge a player for having a political opinion. They begrudge a player for having a political opinion while they’re there to do a game.”

Listen to the full audio below.

Stop Acting Like the NFL is Trying to Silence Their Players