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It's Ridiculous How Much LeBron Gets a Pass for Losses in the Finals

“LeBron is getting judged much more leniently on losing in the Finals than we judge a quarterback who gets to the Super Bowl and loses. Cam Newton got to the Super Bowl and lost and look at the criticism he has got since then. Look at what was said about Peyton Manning before he came back and won his second Super Bowl. When the Bills lost their fourth straight Super Bowl, they got crushed and we’re the ultimate losers.” – Clay Travis.

Despite being 3-5 for his career in the NBA Finals with a sixth loss overwhelmingly expected to be suffered vs. the highly favored Warriors, Clay Travis wonders why LeBron’s eight straight Finals appearances streak is so celebrated, when the majority of those achievements came in the form of downtrodden Eastern Conference triumphs that were followed by shortcomings in the Finals.

Travis questions why LeBron is being so applauded for reaching the Finals when it’s literally a unanimous belief that he doesn’t have the slightest of chances to beat the Warriors, and says that we’ve never seen a player or team get so much credit for simply reaching a Finals and not winning.

Travis compares LeBron’s losses in the Finals with loses in Super Bowls by the most notable teams and players of the generation, and how those performances on the sport's biggest stage vastly changed the narrative of the era in the NFL, yet have barely affected LeBron's standing in the eyes of his most loyal fans.

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It's Ridiculous How Much LeBron Gets a Pass for His Finals Losses