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Social Media is a Cesspool

“This is utterly pathetic. When I see stories like this it makes me wonder how much of Twitter is manufactured outrage by a couple of dudes out there with 10-15 different accounts switching back and forth in an effort to evoke outrage and turn a non-story into a story.” 

 – Clay Travis

On Tuesday night a story surfaced online that Philadelphia 76ers President & GM Bryan Colangelo has been using up to 5 "burner accounts" on social media in order to discuss a number of topics including confidential medical information about players, criticisms about other executives in the league, and more.

Clay Travis doesn't understand why someone in Colangelo's position would want or need to monitor something like Twitter while on a fake account. Clay then continues on to compare the situation to his own as and says he would never want someone else (real or not) taking credit for his opinions.

Social Media is a Cesspool