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Colangelo Saga Showcasing the Fierce Bond of Spouses in Sports

“I have been in a lot of press conferences and often times the wife will come in and stand in the back of the room and their eyes will be daggers. If their husband has just lost a tough football game and you ask them a tough question you can see the wife behind you and tell easily ‘That woman would gut me with a knife right now if she had the opportunity.’”

 – Clay Travis

With new reports painting a more detailed picture of one of the most bizarre sports stories of the year, Bryan Colangelo’s wife Barbara Bottini might have been traced as one of the culprits behind the Twitter burner account story taking much of the attention off Thursday’s NBA Finals Game 1. 

Colangelo has found himself in a whirlwind of horrific press this week with allegations levied against him contending that he was the architect behind a string of up to five’ burner accounts’ on Twitter that defended the Sixers President on a varied array of topics dating back to 2017, as well as calling out other players on the team.

Recent reports, however, are possibly tracing at least three of those accounts to a phone number belonging to Colangelo’s wife.

 With the new information out there, Clay Travis says he’s actually not surprised in the slightest by the trending report, and thinks it’s reminiscent of a larger topic in sports that has to do with the role of family members mercifully defending their notable spouses against media members, with infamous cases involving the wives of individuals like Roger Goodell, Kurt Warner, Brent Grimes, and Kris Benson just to name a few. 

 Travis believes the story becomes a lot more complicated with the wife layer being added and thinks Colangelo could actually become a sympathetic figure in the coming days.

Listen to the full audio below.

Colangelo Saga Showcasing the Fierce Bond of Spouses in Sports