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Same People Lauding Kap's Protest are Denouncing Jaelene Hinkle's

“Watch how quickly all of the people who believe Colin Kaepernick’s First Amendment rights should be respected will go after this woman and turn her into the devil.”

 – Clay Travis

Clay Travis thinks it’s ironic that Jaelene Hinkle’s name is being dragged through the mud this week for demonstrating a peaceful resistance of an idea that she didn’t believe in.

Hinkle, a 25-year-old defender for the North Carolina Courage of the National Women's Soccer League, says she turned down a call-up to the United State Women’s National Team in 2017 because it was going to be in a game where Team USA would have worn jerseys with rainbow colored font on their numbers as a part of a promotional event to honor the LGBTQ community.

The devout Christian only cited ‘personal reasons’ for her decision but would later add, “I felt so convicted in my spirit that it wasn’t my job to wear this jersey."

Hinkle has been ripped apart in the media, with many people calling her ‘homophobic’ and ‘intolerant’, with people saying her decision was selfish and disrespectful to many fans across the country.

Travis thinks the same people bombarding Hinkle with disdain are literally the same people who called Colin Kaepernick brave for sticking to his First Amendment rights for an idea he didn’t believe in when he knelt during the playing of the National Anthem to protest police violence in the United States.

Travis says the NFL is obviously against the on-field display of politics from its players simply because you're toeing an extremely slippery slope. He added that if certain NFL players can oppose the police, then what if another player wants to oppose issues even more explosive, like gay marriage, the death penalty, or abortion. 

“Imagine the outrage and what would happen if a bunch of players decided to take a knee during the National Anthem to oppose gay marriage? What if a bunch of guys wore ‘Abortion is Murder’ t-shirts over their pads? If everybody got political the NFL would be doing even worse than it is now.”

Listen to the full audio below.

Same People Lauding Kap's Protest are Denouncing Jaelene Hinkle's