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Colin Cowherd and Baker Mayfield Face Off

Baker Mayfield on The Herd

Colin Cowherd and Baker Mayfield finally have a sit-down. The other day, Colin Cowherd clapped back at his critics, so this day was inevitable. Listen above!

On the criticism from Colin:

Baker: “You (Colin) don't know me. I think you hear the big headlines, which is what people get paid to do, is write whatever, to grab people’s attention, so there’s no digging, there’s no actual research to it. It was kind of funny to see some of the stuff, not just by you but by a lot of people”.

On learning from his mistakes:

Baker: “My mistakes are not things that need to be a franchise quarterback, but within football there is a lot of trash-talk, a lot of stuff that have not been made aware to everybody … Yeah,there were mistakes but I have definitely learned from it. I wasn’t a franchise quarterback then, I’m hoping to be one in the future, and I can learn from my mistakes”.

On if teams compared him to Johnny Manziel during the draft process:

Baker“Not going to name teams but there were teams that said, ‘What kind of guy are we getting? Are we getting another Johnny or are we getting a guy who’s not going to learn from his mistakes?’ They’re investing a lot of money … I was expecting that, but to be able to actually sit down and talk to them, that’s what I was waiting for, instead of them just seeing headlines and assuming something, to actually be able to talk to him, that was the benefit of it”.

On his police video incident and what he learned:

Baker: “There is so much regret about that because if I didn’t run, there would have been nothing. No one cares. You wouldn’t have said I was ‘undraftable’ and then nobody would probably have been questioning about being the next dropout of football”.

 “There’s a lot of regret to it, but at the same time that was a rude awakening to responsibility and accountability for me that a lesson was harshly learned. I could have learned it over time, but that was just very eye-opening”.

Audio Breakdown

  • 0:24 Colin plays audio of all things that have been said on The Herd about Baker Mayfield
  • 2:34 Does Colin's criticism Inspire him?
  • 3:37 Baker address everything Colin doesn't like about him (behavior)
  • 4:38 Did teams confront Baker on his behavior
  • 5:13 Colin asks him if he's ready to carry/elevate the Cleveland Browns
  • 6:59 Colin asks about the Coach being under pressure to use the veteran QB over Baker right now
  • 7:47 Colin and Baker discuss the liability of small-sized quarterbacks
  • 9:00 Why is Baker Mayfield doing a documentary?
  • 10:25 Colin states an honest forecast of Baker's career and asks him how that lands with him
  • 11:21 "Baker Mayfield was not ready to compete for the starting job?"
  • 12:00 Dysfunctional Cleveland History VS. Baker Mayfield
  • 12:53 Has Baker Mayfield made himself a target?
  • 14:57 Baker Mayfield addresses the video of him running away from the team after a TD
  • 16:50 Baker Mayfield addresses police video of him running away from the authorities
  • 18:33 Stuff Colin Cowherd likes about Baker Mayfield (accuracy)
  • 19:53 How does Baker stay focused under pressure as an undersized QB

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