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Clay Travis: Kobe Wishes LeBron Never Came to Los Angeles

posted by Wil Leitner -

“If Kobe was given truth serum, he’d say he wishes the Lakers did not sign LeBron."

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks Kobe Bryant is discouraged of the news of LeBron’s arrival in Los Angeles, despite the legend voicing his support for one of the biggest acquisitions in NBA history.

Travis says the current generation of millennial basketball fans in Southern California were always the most loyal Kobe fans in the country, even arguing for Bryant, not LeBron, as the greatest player of the era, but believes LeBron will finally flip even the most hardened Kobe loyalists over to LBJ's side. 

Travis says this could force Kobe to fight for relevance in his own backyard.

Listen to the full audio below.



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