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How Can LeBron Preach Unity, Then Refuse to Meet With Trump?

In a recent CNN interview w/ Don Lemon while promoting his new ‘I Promise School’, LeBron James touched upon President Trump’s effect on racial turmoil in America, saying that Trump ‘divides us’.

When asked by Lemon ‘What would you say to the President if he was sitting across from you?’ James answered ‘I would never sit across from him’.

Doug Gottlieb took exception to the comments, saying it was a little ironic that the quote refusing to meet with Trump was included in a segment where LeBron touched on the importance of uniting people.

Gottlieb says if LeBron is going to preach tolerance and unification, then how can he just downright shun the idea of ever having a discussion with an individual whom he disagrees with like Trump – which would completely contradict the same principles LeBron was literally just preaching.

Listen to the full audio below.

If LeBron Preaches Open-Mindedness, Then Why Won’t He Meet Trump?