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Horrific Allegations Alone Should've Gotten Zach Smith Fired

“If you get the police called by your wife and she’s alleging that you are beating her up multiple times and I know about that, you’re not going to be employed by me. My standard is not just ‘Don’t get charged with domestic violence’, it’s also ‘Don’t have the police going to your house to investigate allegations of domestic violence.”

-- Clay Travis

Listen to Clay Travis explain why Urban Meyer made the biggest mistake of his career by not severing ties with WR coach Zach Smith when the school first learned of his messy links with domestic violence.

Travis made it clear that just because Smith was never officially charged with the crime, doesn't mean his employer is supposed to just treat it like a criminal case and gather ALL the evidence and prove his guilt without a reasonable doubt. But instead, look at the disgusting charges themselves that Smith had been connected to multiple times, and come to the conclusion that whether or not you fire him, he CAN'T continue to work at the school.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says Meyer should have just told Smith to resign, pay the rest of his salary, and not have to break any news of a firing while Smith looks for jobs elsewhere.

Horrific Allegations Alone Should've Gotten Zach Smith Fired