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LeBron is Trying to Use Donald Trump to Advance his Own Brand

“LeBron’s star is already starting to dim and he’s desperately trying to save the light. His relevance is on a downward trajectory and that’s why he wants to feud with Donald Trump. He’s desperately trying to make sure people care about him when his basketball career is over."

-- Clay Travis

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the recent Twitter feud between LeBron James and Donald Trump, as the President officially clapped back at the world's best player in an online battle that will forever be footnoted in history as one of the most bizarre stories of an era compulsively encapsulated by social media.

Countless players from past and present, current NBA executives, and even Adam Silver himself have rushed to the defense of LeBron, with many wondering why the President of the United States is wasting his time trying to pick on a professional basketball player.

Travis says the optics should be perceived nothing remotely like that, however, saying LeBron is obviously one of the faces of the Democratic party, and clearly one of, if not the most notable Trump detractor in the country.

Clay wonders why LeBron is simply being labeled as some innocent athlete having nothing to do with politics being caught in the crossfire of a bully in the oval office, when he's already crossed over into the world of politics after he campaigned alongside Hilary Clinton in Ohio prior the 2016 Presidential Election, and has gone out of his way to routinely stir up anti-Trump sentiment on Twitter.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay questions to whether LeBron is just doing this as a PR move to salvage his post-basketball career as a Social Justice Warrior.

LeBron is Trying to Use Donald Trump to Advance his Own Brand