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Stop Saying LeBron is a Modern Day Muhammad Ali

"The stakes of LeBron’s opinions are not substantial. Look at what was happening when Ali was speaking out in 1968? We're at war in Vietnam, we’re dealing with the MLK & RFK assassinations, 18-year-olds were being drafted into the army, and cities are burning in riots…. What’s going on right now??”

-- Clay Travis

Listen to Clay Travis call out members of the members and fans alike who have attempted to anoint LeBron James a modern day version of Muhammad Ali, despite LeBron operating in a G-rated society where there's effectively zero risk or imminent danger at stake for any notable figure attempting to have their platform be heard. 

Travis says LeBron really hasn't had anything interesting or effectual to say past surface level during his reign as a political activist, and has been completely unchallenged by a non-contentious media. A far cry from the 1960's that saw Ali navigate through one of the nastiest and most hostile eras in the history of the country. 

Listen to the audio below.  

Stop Saying LeBron is a Modern Day Muhammad Ali