Brett McMurphy Describes What it's Like to Piss Off Ohio St. Fans

“If you respond to the person and explain to them what their beef is, 75% of the time they respond back and say they were kidding or didn’t mean it when they said ‘Go F yourself’… They realize there’s a human being on the other side of the screen.”

-- Brett McMurphy

College football insider Brett McMurphy joined Outkick the Coverage Wednesday to talk about his role in breaking the biggest college football story of the year, and how his everyday life has vastly changed in the following weeks as he continues to face the wrath of a vile contingent of OSU fans who have labeled him as the de facto 'snitch'.

McMurphy was the first to report that Urban Meyer was a lot more aware of Zach's Smith checkered past with domestic violence allegations than Meyer had originally claimed to have known, and has since become a seminal figure in not only the story itself, but the notable blowback the story has bred from the Buckeye fan base. 

Let to the interview below as McMurphy talks about all the threats and expletive-ridden hatemail he has gotten from Ohio State fans since the story first leaked.

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