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College Football Fans Want Wins, Not Morals

“If Jim Harbaugh did the same thing Urban Meyer did, how many Ohio State fans would sit there and say ‘Harbaugh did NOTHING wrong, the media is just out to get the Wolverines!’”

-- @ClayTravis.

Even though Clay Travis says college football contains the most loyal and diehard fans in all of American sports, he also thinks there's a much darker side to the game that has always been present in big-time college football towns.

Travis was alluding to the incredible amount of support the Ohio State fanbase has shown Urban Meyer and the football program during the fallout of the unfolding Zach Smith saga, and says there's even a sense of camaraderie among the fans, who will fight tooth and nail to defend their school even in the face of inarguable moral mishaps. 

Listen to Clay Travis explain why college football is such a 'gotcha' game of revenge, with fans reveling in the scandals going on at OTHER schools, calling for outrage and mass consequence, yet once the same type of controversy happens at THEIR school, they come out in masses to try and save all their comrades.

College Football Fans Want Wins, Not Morals