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MLB is Letting Pitchers Get Away With Assault

“At some point, Major League Baseball is going to have a very serious injury, and when that really serious injury happens for a batter, people are going to say ‘Why in the world did we ever allow pitchers to throw at batters??’ This is assault and battery and something the MLB could eliminate in a heartbeat."

-- Clay Travis

Braves rookie phenom Ronald Acuna had to leave Wednesday night's game after being drilled with the first pitch by Marlins pitcher Jose Urena in a move that seemed to be painfully intentionally, as Acuna is currently swinging one of the hottest bats in baseball.

Listen to Clay Travis blast the MLB for letting one-hundred-plus-year-old 'unwritten rules' that were established in the late 1800's, dictate how their game is played in 2018, and how foolishly letting the players 'police the game' could lead to a serious and potentially career-ending injury.

MLB is Letting Pitchers Get Away With Assault