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Football's In-Game Experience No Longer Excites Young Fans

"Kids are not going to sit around and watch nothing happen for hours like we would. We understood that you had to sit through commercial breaks to get what you like, but these kids are predicated on the idea that they should watch any show or movie without commercial the minute that they want to watch it.”

-- Clay Travis. 

Clay Travis believes the current generation of young children, growing up in an era where they can experience limitless entertainment options without any commercials, are having a difficult time embracing their parents' love for the in-game experience of NFL stadiums.

Travis recently attended a Titans vs. Buccaneers game in Nashville with his young children and realized all the waiting around in between the action on the field was something his kids weren't used to and actually was quite boring for them.

Listen to Travis discuss what he believes the NFL must do in order to evolve for their next generation of fans if they want to continue to dominate ticket sales.

Football's In-Game Experience No Longer Excites Young Fans