It's No Longer About Having An Elite Quarterback

For the longest time in the NFL it was always about finding a Franchise Quarterback who is elite and can carry a team with them. But in recent years, there has been a new trend where it is all about being good in the other phases of the game. This was capped off when the Philadelphia Eagles won a Super Bowl with Backup QB Nick Foles winning the Super Bowl MVP. The biggest reason for the title is that the Eagles built up one of the best rosters from top to bottom. Now other teams seem to be trying to emulate that. Could one of them be the Cleveland Browns who drafted Baker Mayfield #1 overall, when most don't see him as a better QB than Sam Darnold.

Jonas Knox explains why there is a new trend in the NFL where it is no longer about finding an elite Quarterback and it all about the other pieces. Listen to the audio above as he explain why it's no longer about going all-in on the QB position.

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