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The Left-Wing Media Has Tiger Woods in Their Crosshairs

“When was the last time someone said something conservative and everyone out there in the sports media praised them? It’s never happened.”

-- @ClayTravis.

Clay Travis called out two major sports media hosts for their recent on-air comments about Tiger Woods, as the two hosts didn't hold back over their disgust on the way Woods handled a bizarre set of questioning after Woods' final round at the Northern Trust PGA Event in Ridgewood, NJ over the weekend.

Woods was drilled by a New York Times reporter in the postround press conference about his past relationship with Tiger Woods, as Woods thought he was going to be strictly answering questions on his disappointing 40th place finish at the event.

Woods touched on his golfing friendship with Donald Trump, as Woods has golfed with living presidents the likes of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, and mentioned how he respects anyone in office, regardless of politics.

When randomly asked to specify if he had any thoughts to add regarding race relations in the United States concerning Trump's reputation in the minority community, Woods simply said 'No' and that he was 'hungry after playing 72 holes of golf.'

One of the sports television hosts angrily barked that Woods' reaction was 'stupid' and 'thoughtless' and went on about how disgusted and offended he was with Woods. The other host brought up Woods' race as a Cablinasian, saying that Woods wasn't even black, and opined that notable figures in society have a responsibility to denounce Trump.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay argues that the incredibly liberal-slanted sports media routinely disparages any rhetoric with a trace of conservative political beliefs.

The Left-Wing Media Has Tiger Woods in Their Crosshairs