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Doug Gottlieb's Top 10 WORST Week 1 Starting Quarterbacks

Who are the Top 10 WORST starting quarterbacks week one in the NFL? The only rule is that rookie quarterbacks will NOT be included because we don't have a previous body of work to make a good judgment call. Doug Gottlieb who is filling in for Colin Cowherd Breaks it down in the audio below!

Top 10 Worst Week 1 Starting Quarterbacks

10. Dak Prescott - "He's fine. Cowboys were really good his first year but when he was named the starting QB, the whole team changed too... "

Dak Prescott

9. Marcus Mariota - "In three seasons, his passer rating is 25th in the NFL."

Marcus Mariota

8. Case Keenum - "I think he can a backup. We saw it last year in the NFC championship; there are throws that HE just can't make."

Case Keenum

7. Tyrod Taylor - "200 yards a game is not ELITE quarterback stuff. He's somewhere between starter and back-up."

6. Eli Manning - Led the NFL in interceptions three times over. Best way to get yourself beat is to lose the turnover battle. (We're talking regular season 37-year-old, Eli Manning)

Eli Manning

5. Blake Bortles - "He's better than he used to be but he's still not good."

Blake Bortles

4. Ryan Tannehill - Since his rookie year, his passer rating is 31st in the NFL. 

Ryan Tannehill

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick - A below 60% completion percentage since 2005. Doesn't have much arm and played for several different teams for a reason...but he went to Harvard.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

2. Mitch Trubisky - He passed for 182.8 yards per game last season. That's the second fewest in the NFL. (we don't have a ton of data)

Mitch Trubisky

1. Nick Foles - Some of it's based upon expectation, but he does NOT look good.

Nick Foles