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Lane Kiffin Talks FAU Vs. Oklahoma, Kyler Murray & Nick Saban

Dan Patrick brings on Florida Atlantic University Head Coach, Lane Kiffin to talk in depth about FAU's upcoming season including their first test against the Oklahoma Sooners. Dan Patrick asked Kiffin the difference of Oklahoma having Kyler Murray in their lineup versus Baker Mayfield:

"Unfortunately for us, Kyler is an unbelievable athlete...The problem with him is you can play great defense and cover everybody, but you can't tackle him because he's so fast. He's faster than Baker. In some ways, as crazy as it sounds, this guy is harder to defend than the number one pick in the NFL Draft."

Dan Patrick and Lane Kiffin also get into Nick Saban not naming his starting quarterback for this season and why. We also find out what Kiffin's recruiting strategy is, plus they talk about how Kiffin's use of Twitter has helped his profile and much more!

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Lane Kiffin Talks FAU