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The Rookie Quarterbacks Are Who We Thought They Were

We've just wrapped the NFL preseason and witnessed what several rookies are bringing to the table. At the very least, we've been teased and based on what we saw, Colin Cowherd presents, "They Are Who We Thought They Were" starring the five first-round rookie NFL quarterbacks. 

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Rookie QBs Are Who We Thought They Were

#1 Pick for the Cleveland Browns - Baker Mayfield: 

"Small but Ready to play in the NFL."

#32 Pick for the Baltimore Ravens - Lamar Jackson

"Project not a prospect."

#3 Pick for the New York Jets - Sam Darnold

"Most ready to come in and start and win some games."

#7 Pick for the Buffalo Bills - Josh Allen

"He's got the tools, but he can't put it together against an elite defense when the game speeds up."

#10 Pick for the Arizona Cardinals - Josh Rosen 

"He's already missed a game because he's hurt, but he throws the best football of all of them."