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Whitlock: LeBron's New Barbershop Show is 'Dishonest' and 'BS'

“It was a dishonest and negative message sent out to young black people that 'America is so unfair and damn near impossible for you to make it, and until white people treat you better it’s hopeless'… That’s just a joke.”

-- Jason Whitlock

'Speak For Yourself' star Jason Whitlock joined Outkick the Coverage, Friday, blasting LeBron James' new barbershop show on HBO.

Whitlock told Clay Travis that he thinks LeBron needs to drop this victim narrative that he routinely preaches in media appearances and says LBJ has to stop acting like he has anything in common with the American public, considering few people who have ever walked the earth have possessed the types of gifts he has.

Listen to the audio below as Whitlock called the show dishonest, and said it's hard for anyone to take LeBron's 'victim card' segments seriously when he's sipping red wine out of a goblet.

Whitlock: LeBron's New Barbershop Show is 'BS' and 'Dishonest'