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Baltimore Ravens Are Trying to Justify Drafting Lamar Jackson

After the Baltimore Ravens suffered a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, there were some plays that Colin Cowherd observed that makes him think that the Ravens use of rookie quarterback, Lamar Jackson was a little forced. Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman made the following comment on the game:

"I will tell you if I'm Joe Flacco, I'm not happy about this. I know Joe is not going to say anything but I can tell you deep down he doesn't like it. If you're a pocket passer and you're the quarterback, you do not like running out to the wide receiver position and letting somebody else play quarterback. It's as simple as that. They talked to me about that doing that, one time, back when I was playing the game. The game has certainly changed, but that was not going to happen. I don't think Joe is thrilled about some of the things within that system with Lamar Jackson in the offense."

Colin compares the Ravens' use of Lamar Jackson to a guy who's going through a mid-life crisis and decided to buy himself a convertible. He probably didn't need it, but he has to justify the purchase by using it even at the worst time to use it. 

Ravens are trying to Justify drafting Lamar Jackson by playing him when they don't need to.

Listen below.

The Ravens Are Trying to Justify Drafting Lamar Jackson