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Patrick Mahomes Bandwagon About to Break Down

“One of the most impressive seasons I’ve ever seen from a quarterback was Vince Young for the Titans… He was unstoppable, went undefeated and made the Pro Bowl as a meteor streaking across the sky... That entire offseason they talked about how good Vince Young was gonna be.”

-- Clay Travis.

Patrick Mahomes is in the midst of not only one of the greatest rookie seasons in NFL history, but one of the most magnificent seasons of ANY player in league history as the Chiefs phenom is 4-0 with a 14-0 TD/INT ratio in his first season as Chiefs starter.

But in an era of record-breaking passing offenses where even career journeymen backup quarterbacks like Ryan Fitzpatrick can sling it for 400 yards a week, where do we draw the line from stat-padding modern quarterback, to transcendent talent?

Listen to the audio below as Clay Travis explains how the media loves to fall in love with fresh faces lighting up the box scores, but always seems to be explaining why it all went wrong three years later when the player was never able to replicate their elite play ever again.

Patrick Mahomes Bandwagon About to Break Down