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Dan Wetzel: Expect Pandemonium From a Combat Sport

“Fighting is a global culture. Everywhere on the earth they fight. We have a guy from Eastern Russia fighting a guy from the slums of Dublin; you can’t sit there and go ‘I want you to apply the standard of Suburban America sensibilities on sportsmanship here'.. That shouldn’t excuse it but this is who you’re dealing with. These guys from Russia are like ‘I don’t give a crap, I’ll take a nap in the Clark County jail, I want to kill him.'”

-- Dan Wetzel.

Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel joined Outkick The Coverage Monday to discuss what it was like to be in attendance of a UFC 229 event that produced an insanely menacing riot at the end of the main card.

Wetzel says the melee, which was spurred by the posse of both fighters coming to blows with one another, including the fighters themselves, was an unprecedented result relative to the vast majority of American sports, but says it was right on serve with the usual bizarre extra-curriculars that seem to occur at any Live event sanctioned by the UFC.

Wetzel says the UFC is certainly not going to condone the post-fight violence, but also thinks they’re not going to go out of their way to restrict it either.

Listen to the full audio below as Wetzel shoots down any conspiracy theories on the violence from Saturday night possibly being staged to attain more notoriety to the sport.

Dan Wetzel: Expect Pandemonium From a Combat Sport