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Clay Interviews India's Most Famous Tiger Hunter

Clay Interviews India's Most Famous Tiger Hunter

Animal Thunderdome has been reporting on the murderous tigress in India that has now killed 14 people, several horses and caused major injury with elephants. The New York Times just had a big report on how India has used all of its  resources to find this killer cat. Finally the government has called in  their country's premiere hunter Nawab Shafath Ali Khan. Wednesday, Clay  offered a handsome reward to the crew member that could find India's most famous tiger hunter for an on-air interview. 

After hours of working the international phones/Emails, dealing with a large team of handlers and  agents (and several mishaps on the hotline) Outkick's Executive Producer Danny G. was able to track down Nawab, and what ensued was radio gold.

Clay Travis says that this interview was the best of his radio career so far.

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