Clay Travis Talks to Renowned Tiger Hunter on 'Hunt of the Century'


World Famous Tiger Hunter: “This is one of the most challenging and difficult operations of the century... I’m working 20 hours a day.”

Clay Travis: “Not gonna lie, this is the greatest interview I’ve done in the history of my radio career.”

In what has quickly become the greatest #AnimalThunderdome segment in the storied history of the show, Clay Travis and the crew have finally tracked down world-renowned Tiger hunter Shafath Ali Khan to do a Live radio interview from his hunting camp in India.

The absolute badass has been tracking the country's most ferocious Tigress for almost two years now as the man-eater has already taken the lives of 14 people and has been able to dodge a wide barrage of sharpshooters, bulldozers, army battalions, and even heat-seeking drones.

Khan says once the Tigers have a taste of human blood on their tongues, they actually start to crave hunting them since humans have zero sense of smell like normal Tiger prey and thus have almost zero escapability. In a chilling admittance, Khan even said that humans have much more tender meat 'for the Tiger cubs to chew' and thus gives the beast even more incentive to continue their killing spree.

Listen to the incredible interview below!

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Calvin Klein Cologne The Last Hope To Stop Serial Killer Tiger
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