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Whitlock: Beckham Jr is Damaging the Value of ALL Wide Receivers

“Coaches and executives around the league may start realizing that these diva wide receivers like Odell Beckham Jr and Antonio Brown put up great numbers but they aren’t really essential to winning.”

-- Jason Whitlock.

FS1 ‘Speak For Yourself’ co-host Jason Whitlock joined Outkick The Coverage to talk about the plummeting stock of Odell Beckham Jr on a Giants team that is on the precipice of a complete implosion.

Ever since Beckham’s scintillating one-handed catch on Sunday Night Football against the Cowboys in 2014, it's been a tumultuous run for one of the league's most talented players.

Immense physical gifts aside, however, Beckham has carried a dark cloud of bad publicity everywhere he’s gone in the last two nightmare seasons for the Giants, and it’s finally starting to devastatingly unleash itself in the wake of the Giants making Beckham the highest paid wide receiver in NFL history.

Listen to the full segment below, as Whitlock tells Clay Travis that Beckham may have irreparably damaged the perceived value of the position forever.

Whitlock: Odell Beckham is Damaging the Value of Wide ALL WR's