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By Trolling Tennessee, Butch Jones Just Looks like a Bigger Clown

"Posing in Alabama gear and smoking a victory cigar after YOU recruited the entire team that just got whipped? And still, you're making millions of dollars from the school who fired you... His career in the South is over. No one in the South will remotely touch Butch Jones after behavior like this."

-- Clay Travis.

Clay Travis took exception to former Tennessee head coach Butch Jones going out of his way to try and humiliate his former school after his new team destroyed the Volunteers in their annual rivalry game that has been pathetically one-sided the last decade.

Jones, who is listed as a special ‘offensive analyst’ for Alabama, went 34-27 as the head coach at Tennessee from 2013-2017, including an eyesore SEC record of 14-24.

At the conclusion of Saturday’s 58-21 blowout victory Alabama had over Tennessee, Jones received a Gatorade bath on the Crimson Tide sideline, then was seen in a photo circulating around Twitter smoking a cigar in the Alabama locker room, a tradition that has always been tied to the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry.

Travis thinks it was pathetic that Jones was rubbing it in to his former school when the cratering Tennessee team is overwhelmingly made up of starters and role players that Jones himself personally recruited to the school.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says Jones was basically dunking on himself for celebrating a school’s win he’s marginally affiliated with over a team he himself had put together.

By Trolling Tennessee, Butch Jones Just Looks like a Bigger Clown