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NFL Players Demanding 'Justice' Have Been Silent On Rae Carruth

“Everyone out there who’s kneeling and protesting the justice system missed the biggest and most important fact about color in this country, and it’s green. The only reason Rae Carruth did 19 years in prison because he’s rich."

-- Clay Travis.

Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth was released from prison on Monday, triggering a surprisingly mild response from the mainstream media for a case that was one of the most infamous crimes of the 1990’s.

Carruth was once a former first-round draft choice from the University of Colorado and was starting to establish himself as a dependable wideout for a talented late 90’s Panthers team that had played for the NFC Championship in 1996.

His professional career, however, vanished in the blink of an eye in 1999 when Carruth was directly involved with a disturbing murder plot that left his eight-month pregnant girlfriend Cherica Adams dead, and their unborn son, who would end up miraculously surviving, with permanent brain damage.

It was later proven that Carruth had hired a hitman to murder Adams and their unborn child, as Carruth was angry the child was not aborted and wanted the girlfriend and child both out of the picture so the NFL star with a multi-million dollar contract didn’t have to ever pay child support payments again.

It what turned into a notorious death penalty trial, Carruth ended up getting spared a first-degree murder conviction and instead was found guilty of a much less serious charge of conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 18 to 24 years.

With Carruth now being a free man having served only 19 years, Clay Travis wonders how in the world there’s not more outrage around the league from current NFL players who have been regularly asserting that their on-field protests during the National Anthem have been aimed at the abhorrent injustices they allege have occurred throughout the ranks of the American justice system.

Travis says the outcome for Carruth, only serving 19 years in prison for a crime heinous enough to warrant the death penalty, couldn’t be a bigger form of injustice.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says NFL players objecting over the imbalanced treatment of African-Americans in the justice system need to realize that the only color that matters in the courts is GREEN and that Carruth avoided severe punishment simply because he was rich.

NFL Players Demanding 'Justice' Have Been Silent On Rae Carruth