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Don't Act Like These Schools Are the Victims

“I don’t buy into the fact that this is fraud. The schools are getting the players, and the players are getting the school more money… If you want to argue that this is a substantial crime then prosecute these players and families for tax evasion.”

-- Clay Travis.

Listen to Clay Travis blast a federal ruling handed out on Wednesday that could be a generation-altering decision in major college sports.

The recruitment of high profile high school athletes has always been a clandestine bidding war with top universities, but never have the under the table payments ever been tied to any criminal activity involving the federal government.

Clay says it's uncanny that these same schools that have shared the riches of some of the best freshman athletes in the country are now looked up as the victims in a case that saw federal prosecutors point the finger at individuals putting these teenagers through college.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says NCAA violations should not be considered violations of federal law.

Don't Act Like These Schools Are the Victims