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Super Bowl to Toilet Bowl in Two Years

“Two years ago the Raiders looked like they had the league MVP at quarterback and were going to be no. 1 seed in the playoffs… And now Jon Gruden has driven them to the point of players quitting and now losing games 34-3 to a guy named Nick Mullens.”

-- Clay Travis.

Christmas Eve of 2016 will be a day that will forever live in infamy for Raiders fans.

The Raiders were 12-3 and cruising towards an AFC West title and First Round postseason bye until Derek Carr broke his fibula during a thrilling Week 16 victory over the Colts.

It’s been an unbelievable fall from grace ever since as one of the most popular Super Bowl picks of 2017 has now plummeted into position for one of the top picks in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Clay Travis says Jon Gruden has officially became a notorious saboteur in Raiders history, as the former cult-sensation head coach has quickly transformed him into the guy left holding the detonator as he stands in front of a plot of ruins.

Listen to the audio below as Clay says Gruden is having most pathetic debut season in NFL history.

Super Bowl to Toilet Bowl in Two Years