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Whiny UCF Fans Need to Get Lost

“I’ve had so many UCF fans hopping in my Twitter feed and talking about how they won the National Championship last year and are going to protest their #12 ranking... You guys are a borderline Top 25 team at best and Alabama would destroy you by 100.”

-- Clay Travis.

Despite holding the nation’s longest winning streak at 21 consecutive victories, Clay Travis wants Central Florida fans to take a step back and just admit that they’re one of the biggest frauds in college football.

UCF is undefeated and sitting at no. 12 in the College Football Playoff rankings, but a lot of Golden Knight fans who still claim that the team is the reigning National Champion, are furious and crying foul again over their ranking, saying they can hang with the Alabamas, Clemsons, Notre Dames, and Michigans of the world.

Clay can only laugh at the UCF fan base and says the Crimson Tide would literally put up 100 points on a UCF defense who allowed nearly 700 yards of offense to Temple last night.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay drops the hammer on the unsuspecting Golden Knights.

Whiny UCF Fans Need to Get Lost