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Jerry Jones' Ego Doesn't Want to Give Up His 'Diamond in the Rough'

"Jerry Jones sees Dak Prescott as an undervalued asset that reflects his own brilliance upon Dak... It’s not just that Dak has turned into a good quarterback, it’s that Jerry found him when nobody else wanted him. He loves the diamond in the rough element here and as a result, it’s starting to blind him to what Dak Prescott is… At best an average quarterback in the NFL.”

-- Clay Travis.

Jerry Jones surprisingly voiced his full support for the struggling Dak Prescott, who’s been one of the key saboteurs for a cratering Cowboys team freefalling from contention in the NFC.

Not only did Jones give the third-year starter a ringing endorsement after their pathetic defeat to Tennessee on Monday Night Football, but Jones outright said they would be extending Prescott after his rookie contract ends next season.

Clay Travis says Jones has been blinded by the allure of Prescott, simply because Dak blasted onto the scene as a former fourth-round draft pick who made one of the most improbable rookie runs of the decade.

Nobody believed Dak would make the monumental strides he did in 2016, which made Dallas’ drafting of Prescott appear like quite the feather in the hat of Jones.

Listen to the audio below as Clay says Jones’ ego is the reason why he’s not quickly dumping a player who at one time looked like one of the best investments in NFL Draft history.

Jerry Jones' Ego Doesn't Want to Give Up His 'Diamond in the Rough'