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Zion Williamson Could Be a Better Athlete than LeBron

“Zion Williamson should be the no. 1 pick in the NBA AND NFL Drafts… Put this guy at defensive end, and there’s nobody blocking him. He’s an absolute manchild.”

-- Clay Travis.

Taking the court in one of the most highly anticipated debuts in collegiate sports history, Duke phenom Zion Williamson delivered one of the most magnificent performances we could have ever imagined.

The 6’7" 285-pound freshman scored 28 points, on 11-13 shooting against a no. 2 ranked Kentucky Wildcats loaded with future pros that had actually been favored to win the game.

Clay Travis thinks the immaculate Williamson could trigger one of the most memorable seasons in college basketball history as an everlasting media phenomenon forever footnoted in American sports folklore.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay believes Williamson could be sports’ next showstopper the likes of LeBron and Jordan. 

Zion Williamson Could Be a Better Athlete than LeBron