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John Calipari's Career is a FRAUD

"John Calipari is a total FRAUD. He failed in the NBA, had so many great players in college and only has ONE championship. What am I missing with Calipari??"

-- Rob Parker

Listen to Rob Parker rip apart John Calipari and his standing in college basketball, as Parker thinks Calipari is one of the biggest frauds in the sport.

For a guy who has coached some of the most elite talents in the history of college basketball, with hordes of his players not only becoming into lottery picks but turning into NBA All-Stars, Parker says Calipari should have way more hardware than merely one championship, given the historic star power of his teams.

Listen to the full audio below as Parker says Calipari’s name should never be mentioned with some of the top coaches in college basketball.

John Calipari's Career is a FRAUD