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Disgraced Zach Smith Presenting the Darkest Facets of Social Media

“I don’t like the idea of personal destruction, and I don’t like the idea that you go out and attack Tom Herman for things that may or may not have happened in his private life in a way to try and delegitimize his ability to be the head coach at Texas."

-- Clay Travis.

Former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith continues to be one of the most enigmatic and explosive figures in major college sports circles as an ostensible villain in the massive fallout spurring from last summer’s high profile accusations of Urban Meyer covering up Smith’s alleged domestic abuse at Florida and OSU.

Smith has remained an everlasting storyline seemingly secluded from major news, but always lurking in the form of gossip and tabloid mostly due to his raw and unapologetic Twitter account that college football reporters have been hesitant to take seriously.

Smith’s vulgar Twitter account has mostly included potshots at notable media members who covered the Ohio State scandal headlined by Smith and Meyer, but has recently been aggressively targeting former Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, who is now the head coach of the Texas Longhorns.

On Sunday, Smith began a string of unsubstantiated attacks at Herman’s alleged infidelities, even including the Twitter handle of Herman’s current wife in the tweets.

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the bizarre eruption and talk about how the media should cover a borderline irrelevant name like Smith’s in instances of mudslinging that doesn’t really teeter on real news.

Listen to the full audio below as Travis says Smith's personal attacks of Herman went too far.

Disgraced Zach Smith Presenting the Darkest Facets of Social Media