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Urban Meyer's Sideline Antics Were So Staged

“This is a sham, and Urban Meyer trying to lay a foundation of why he’s going to walk away from Ohio State this offseason.  If you’re feeling as bad as Urban Meyer is pretending to look on the sideline then you should be hospitalized and not coaching."

-- Clay Travis.

Listen to Clay Travis rip Urban Meyer apart after Ohio State's narrow 52-51 escape over Maryland this weekend that might be remembered more for Meyer's frowns and scowls, than the actual thrilling play on the field.

Travis says the antics, which had cameras frequently spotting Meyer looking queasy and slouched over on the sidelines, were completely embellished and exaggerated just for an intended effect and says Meyer knew whenever the camera was on him. 

Travis says Meyer is secretly plotting an exit plan out of Columbus at the conclusion of this season and is taking every opportunity to fool Ohio State fans into believing that he’s suffering from some sort of phantom illness that will ultimately be the excuse he uses when he bails on the program in the coming weeks.

Listen to the full rant below as Clay calls Meyer the most disliked man in college sports.

Urban Meyer's Sideline Antics Were So Staged