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We're Lucky We Didn't Have to Witness a Michigan Massacre in CFP

“Michigan played a lot of really bad offensive teams all season long and built up a colossal house in the clouds of a defense that had no foundation and would have been exposed on an incredibly drastic degree if they actually made the playoff.”

-- Clay Travis.

After one of the worst losses in school history in college football’s most heated rivalry, Clay Travis says Jim Harbaugh’s rickety foundation at his alma mater finally imploded as the Ohio State Buckeyes hung 62 points on the NCAA’s top statistical defense.

The loss drops Harbaugh to 0-4 against Urban Meyer in an increasingly one-sided rivalry that has seen Ohio State win 14 of the last 15 contests against Michigan, including the last seven.

Clay says the year’s most embarrassing loss was another gut shot to Harbaugh’s underwhelming tenure at Michigan, which has been rather monotonous for a program who has historically proven to be one of college football’s most elite.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says the Wolverines should actually be thanking Ohio State for giving them a beat down in November and sparing them an even more debasing defeat in the College Football Playoff.

We're Lucky We Didn't Have to Witness a Michigan Massacre in CFP